FAQs on Suboxone

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What are the Patient Views and Doctors' Perspective on Suboxone Use to Treat Addiction?

Suboxone has been gratefully welcomed by both the opiate addicted and medical fraternity. The opiate addicted truly and sincerely appreciate the medications ability to relieve nearly all withdrawal symptoms and the medical field appreciates it because of its magnificent design. Suboxone has been designed to disallow the person taking it to abuse it.

FAQ on Suboxone

Why is Suboxone Treatment Better than Methadone?

One very common problem with methadone is that opiate addicts will typically continue to use their drug of choice in conjunction with it. Much to the professionals appreciation, this is not possible with Suboxone.

Why Use Suboxone?

There is a chemical by the name of Naloxone withint the chemical make-up of Suboxone. Naloxone is a potent “anti-opiate” and its primary function is to prevent opiates from working as desired when ingested into the body. It is not absorbed when taken by mouth and so has no effect when Suboxone is taken as prescribed. However, if a person were to deviate from the prescribed method of taking the pill, the effects would be very painful.

What discourages patients from misusing Suboxone?

For example, opiate addicts tend to have a habit of crushing up pills and intravenously injecting them. If you were to try that with Suboxone, you immediately experience a reverse effect. What this means is you would go into withdrawal symptoms within seconds of injection. Anyone whome has ever kicked opiates knows that this is an extremely hurtful experience.

So, if you are planning on utilizing Suboxone please be aware that it would be in your best interest to take it as prescribed and to not attempt to intertwine your drug habit with this medication.